RCPCH Progress Early Adopters

RCPCH Progress (2018 curriculum)

The RCPCH postgraduate training curriculum has been reviewed, and a new curriculum (and accompanying syllabi) for paediatrics, including 18 sub-specialties, has been submitted to the GMC in July 2017. It is intended for this new curriculum, known as RCPCH Progress, to be implemented nationally from the start of the 2018/19 training year.

Given the scale of change to be implemented, RCPCH is running an ‘Early Adopters’ scheme of the new curriculum throughout the 2017-18 training year.

 As participants, you will provide vital feedback to RCPCH to ensure that the guidance and supporting information is user-friendly, and that e-Portfolio works smoothly with the new curriculum format. This assists refinement of all documents and systems before the curriculum launches for all trainees in 2018.


To download RCPCH Progress curriculum and syllabi please see Preparing for RCPCH Progress


Early Adopters Information 

RCPCH Progress Trainers' Briefing (webinar)

RCPCH Progress Trainers' Briefing (slides)

RCPCH Progress Trainees' Briefing (slides)

Using ePortfolio

ePortfolio User Guide

Progress curriculum DOPs assessment (video guide)


Navigating your dashboard (video guide)


Timeline navigation (video guide)



If you have any queries, please contact  progress@rcpch.ac.uk or telephone 020 7092 6135.