How to Manage: Paediatric Allergy Training PAT 3 - London

This face-to-face course will focus on the practical, clinical management of allergy in children and young people. It is the third in a series of three Paediatric Allergy Training (PAT) courses provided by the RCPCH.
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5-11 Theobalds Road
United Kingdom

Fully booked

The RCPCH is pleased to offer this course at a reduced rate. Please note the fees may be subject to change.

RCPCH member - Trainee as well as SAS Doctor, Nurses, AHPs: £160

RCPCH member - Consultant: £210

Non-RCPCH member: £265

This course is now fully booked.

Paediatric Allergy Training: series overview

Our online Paediatric Allergy Training series is designed to enhance your knowledge and confidence in managing children with food allergies and their comorbid allergic conditions.
To gain the full benefit from this unique series, we advise delegates to begin with PAT 1 and work through to PAT 3. The series will cover increasing complexity in allergy management through PAT 1, 2 and 3.

Course description

This comprehensive PAT 3 course will take you through the practical aspects of recognising and managing paediatric allergy. The faculty for the PAT series consists of a multi-disciplinary team of expert consultants, senior nursing staff, dietitians and GPs working in allergy care across the UK. The faculty will guide you through the course using real life examples and cases throughout to support your learning.

During the course, our expert faculty will cover:

  • Severe non IgE mediated food allergy
  • Mixed IgE and non IgE skin and gut allergy
  • Food challenges
  • Functional and factitious illness
  • Recurrent anaphylaxis 
  • Drug and venom allergy
  • Drug allergy 
  • Allergen immunotherapy (sublingual) 

It was an excellent and complete course programme. The faculty nailed it!

Learning aim

The PAT courses provide healthcare professionals with the specialist knowledge and skills required to effectively manage children with common and severe allergies, and their comorbid allergic conditions. 

Learning outcomes  

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss approaches to severe non IgE mediated food allergy in children
  • Describe approaches to the management of simple drug allergy in children and know when to refer
  • Explore issues related to undertaking food challenges in children
  • Describe assessment and treatment using sublingual immunotherapy for aero allergens
  • Recognise the importance of team practice in a multi-disciplinary environment for the effective management of paediatric allergy. 

PAT3 course was absolutely the best of all three PAT courses. Very practice-focused and full of useful information and very well presented! Absolutely loved it! Well done to the whole faculty team!

Target audience

Suitable for a wide audience but of particular interest for paediatricians who are managing allergy clinics and / or have a specialist interest in allergy.