MRCPCH Theory & Science exam preparation course

We know that many candidates find the Theory and Science (TAS) exam a particularly difficult one to prepare for using text books alone. Through a combination of online lectures and face-to-face workshops, our elite team of experts will give you a better grasp of the assessment criteria as well articulate the core knowledge needed to improve your score.
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Fixed fee - £300

100% of delegates on the last TAS exam prep course said they would recommend the course to a colleague and attend another RCPCH course.


This blended one-day course has been designed specifically to help delegates tackle the areas that previous candidates have found the most difficult.

These include topics such as:

  • Statistics for the paediatrician
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Embryology in clinical practice
  • Immune response 
  • Neuroanatomy for the forgetful
  • New laboratory methods - a beginner’s guide

Delegates are given access to 15 video lectures prior to attending the course, which then provides the faculty (led by Dr Will Carroll) the opportunity to focus on individuals’ questions and concerns in small, less intimidating groups. For this reason, delegates are strongly encouraged to have viewed the video lectures prior to attending the course.

The teaching faculty, which comprises highly experienced MRCPCH Theory lecturers with a passion and enthusiasm for basic science, will focus on exam technique and help increase your confidence by working through exam-style questions.

The face to face element was invaluable in understanding how to approach TAS questions.

Learning aims, objectives and outcomes

By the end of each course, delegates should:

  • understand what most candidates find difficult and know how to tackle these areas of knowledge in the exam
  • know more science and understand how this can be applied to patient care
  • know where to access useful resources to support knowledge and revision.


MRCPCH Theory & Science exam candidates preparing for the October 2019 exam.

The examiners were really passionate about their topics and, personally, that was more credible and transferable than anything else I could take away (and I took away a lot!)