RCPCH-BPSU series: Behcet's Syndrome in children and young people

Behçet’s syndrome is a rare multi-system inflammatory condition characterised by recurrent oral ulceration, genital ulceration, eye and skin involvement.

In this webinar, the panel of speakers will present the findings of the 2017 BPSU study.
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  • Dr Clare Pain, Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Lead of Paediatric Behcet’s service at Alder Hey and chief investigator on BPSU Behcet’s study
  • Dr Daniel Finn - StR in Oral Medicine, Liverpool University Dental Hospital 
  • Professor Robert Moots 
  • Professor Paul Brogan

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding how UK children are affected by Behçet’s syndrome 
  • Improve knowledge of differential diagnoses and investigations of Behçet’s like presentations including recurrent oral ulceration 
  • Management of Behçet’s syndrome in children and young people 
  • The role of genetic testing and monogenic mimics 
  • How to manage recurrent oral ulceration


  • General paediatricians   
  • Paediatric trainees 
  • Community paediatricians 
  • Specialist paediatricians particularly rheumatology, gastroenterology, immunology, neurology, dermatology 
  • Geneticists
  • Oral medicine doctors and trainees 
  • Paediatric dentists and trainees 
  • Ophthalmologists 
  • GPs and GP trainees 
  • Public health doctors 
  • Dieticians 
  • Pharmacists 

It is also suitable for an international audience, with caveats on data (which is UK & Ireland) and treatment approaches which will be most relevant to the UK context.