RCPCH Webinar: Childhood Obesity – Medical Management

Dr Simon Chapman and Dr Ashish Desai present practical and current guidance on how to identify obesity in the clinic and offers an approach to broaching the subject with children, young people and their families.
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Webinar outline

  • Epidemiology and perspectives
  • Obesity behaviours
  • Medical assessment of the overweight child/ OSCA

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the epidemiology and social determinants of obesity
  • Present a medical framework for the investigation of childhood obesity
  • Discuss how to broach the subject with a family
  • Review the multidisciplinary medical management of obesity (psychology, dietetic, medical)


  • Dr Simon Chapman, Consultant Paediatrician, King’s College Hospital
  • Dr Ashish Desai, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, Royal London Hospital


The target audience for this webinar is:

  • General Paediatricians 
  • Paediatric trainees
  • Community Paediatricians
  • Paediatric Endocrionologists
  • Midwives and Health Visitors
  • GPs & GP trainees
  • Public Health doctors 
  • Dieticians
  • Pharmacists
  • Paediatric Surgeons 
  • Bariatric Surgeons

Novo Nordisk has provided a grant to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to support the creation, development and delivery of this webinar. Novo Nordisk has had no influence over the webinar's content and full editorial control remains the responsibility of the RCPCH