BPNA distance learning unit 10 - Vision & Hearing

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Through these sections you will develop an understanding of the principles behind vision and visual disorders, their management and investigation. Then move onto the hearing sections where you will develop an understanding of hearing, its associated disorders and management.

  • Section 1 – Basic Science: anatomy, embryology of the eye and visual pathways
  • Section 2 – Epidemiology and Cerebral Visual Impairment
  • Section 3 – Assessment of Vision
  • Section 4 – Squint and Eye Movement Disorders
  • Section 5 – Retinal Disorders
  • Section 6 – Anatomy, function and embryology of the auditory system
  • Section 7 – Classification of Hearing Impairment and Epidemiology
  • Section 8 – Assessment and management of audiovestibular problems