Paediatric Epilepsy Training Level 2 (2 days) PET2 - Southampton

This course has been developed to improve practice within childhood epilepsies and is delivered by means of didactic teaching sessions and small workshops.

PET2 concentrates on general aspects of the epilepsies (history taking, differential diagnosis, investigation etc) and on epilepsies encountered in younger children. PET3 concentrate on epilepsies presenting in mid childhood, older children and adolescents.
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Grand Harbour Hotel
West Quay Road
SO15 1AG
United Kingdom

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By the end of PET2, participants will be able to:

  • demonstrate the wide differential diagnosis in paroxysmal events in children and young people
  • improve diagnostic accuracy and gain insight into uncertainty
  • explore the differential diagnosis within epilepsies
  • introduce a structured approach to considering epileptic seizures and epilepsies
  • gain improved understanding of EEG reports
  • understand the association between epilepsy and learning difficulties, autism, and cerebral palsy
  • optimise initial treatment choices
  • consider the wide spectrum of epileptic seizures, electroclinical syndromes and non-epileptic events in infancy
  • review the clinical features and management of West Syndrome
  • understand blank episodes and epilepsies with absence seizures
  • improve knowledge of common 'focal epilepsy syndromes'
  • know the criteria for involvement of a paediatric neurologist
  • understand the concept of an epileptic encephalopathy
  • establish aims and approach to 'difficult epilepsies'