Supporting LETBs and deaneries

Local Education Training Boards (LETBs) in England, and deaneries in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, are responsible for the education and training of health and public health workers at a regional level. Here are guidelines and information for LETBs and deaneries about the quality management of paediatric training, including externality.


The underpinning rationale for externality is to provide independent critique, identify areas of good practice, or of concern. At the core of the process is ensuring patient safety.

The use of external representation is vital to ensure that standards are upheld and also to maintain the robustness and fairness of the process, applying the principles of equality and diversity.

The Gold Guide (General Medical Council) specifies external representation at the following events:

  • 10% of ARCP outcomes for each Deanery/LETB
  • triggered/monitored visits
  • appeal panels.

It is the responsibility of the Deanery/LETB to ensure external representation takes place.

For queries on externality and help securing external representation, please contact

Post and programme approval

All requests for post and programme approval are all made directly to the GMC.

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Change of College Tutor

We have information on the College Tutor role, appointment process and how to notify the College of a change of College Tutor. 

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Deanery contacts

These are available on our region page - see list of regions