Webinar - Upskilling primary care colleagues: the Diploma in Child Health (DCH) pathway

The purpose of this webinar is to support child health in primary care. Dr Venugopalan, Consultant Paediatrician and Chair of DCH Clinical Exam, and Dr Bandaranayake, Speciality Paediatrician and Chair, DCH, highlight essential skills in primary care consultations with children, showcasing extracts from our own DCH Clinical Examination preparation course.
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Spaces available

Free of charge

Learning outcomes

By the end of this webinar, delegates will be:

  • able to reflect on the essential components of an effective consultation with children and their carers in primary care
  • be familiar with the DCH clinical examination scenarios
  • able to determine the value of the DCH clinical examination preparation course for their professional development


This webinar is targeted at GPs and GP trainees, hospital doctors from allied specialties, eg A&E (Accident and Emergency), radiology, surgery, psychiatry, etc. and anyone interested in the DCH Clinical.