Paediatric Epilepsy Training Level 1 (PET1) – Oxford

This is a one-day course, which will be delivered by Consultant Paediatric Neurologists, Consultant Paediatricians with expertise in epilepsy, and a specialist epilepsy nurse. The day will consist of short didactic teaching sessions and interactive workshops.

Specialty groups' course design, content and management are the responsibility of the individual specialty groups.
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Holiday Inn Oxford
Peartree Roundabout
Woodstock Road
United Kingdom

By the end of the study day participants will be able to:

  • Define seizure, epilepsy, and epilepsy syndrome and be able to provide a simple classification of epilepsy
  • Describe the different seizure types eg absence, myoclonic, tonic-clonic, tonic, atonic, focal motor and focal sensory
  • Give differential diagnosis for seizures, and how to distinguish epilepsy from syncopes (simple faints, reflex anoxic seizure, breath holding) and inattention (day-dreaming, pre-occupation)
  • Manage the first seizure event (not status epilepticus management)
  • Appreciate the contribution made by EEG and neuro-imaging
  • Describe the principles of treatment, the indication for anti-convulsants and the well-known side effects of these drugs
  • Offer practical advice for parents and children with epilepsy