The State of Child Health – Tackling inequalities and improving outcomes for all (Labour Party Conference)

The RCPCH will be holding an event at this year’s Labour Party Conference to discuss and debate the state of our children’s health in the UK.

This year, the RCPCH launched our landmark State of Child Health 2017 report, which drew together for the first time data on 25 measures of the physical and mental health of this country’s children. From specific conditions such as asthma, epilepsy and disability, to risk factors like obesity, smoking and low breastfeeding rates, the report provides a compelling snapshot of child health across the UK.

The key finding from the report is that inequality is blighting the lives of the more than one in four UK children who live in poverty. Children and young people from the most deprived backgrounds experience much worse health compared with their more affluent peers. Despite some improvements in the health of UK children over the last decades, we continue to lag behind our Western European counterparts. This is major cause for concern. Join us in Brighton as a panel of experts and young people themselves discuss how to tackle these inequalities and improve child health for current and future generations.

The event will be chaired by Victoria MacDonald, Channel 4 News Health and Social Care Correspondent, and speakers will include key politicians, RCPCH Officer for Health Promotion Professor Russell Viner, and Alison Garnham, CEO of the Child Poverty Action Group.


No fee and open to all members

Note: The event is outside the conference secure zone, and therefore you will not need to purchase a pass for the main conference to attend.