Volunteering with the College - our research project

In spring 2024 we undertook research with members about volunteering with the College. If you spoke with us at RCPCH Conference, joined a focus group or completed a survey, we thank you for your input! This will inform how we recruit and welcome volunteers, how we value and develop volunteers and how we plan for volunteering. We will update members in the coming months.
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RCPCH, supported by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), has been undertaking research activities to uncover with stakeholders more about the practices around volunteering with RCPCH.


This research will inform guidance for RCPCH in delivering best practice in three areas:

  • Recruiting and welcoming volunteers – to consider how members can best find volunteering opportunities at RCPCH, explore what role may be right for them and become involved easily, and to establish consistency in onboarding and induction for volunteers 
  • Valuing and developing volunteers – to consider how RCPCH can meaningfully reward and recognise volunteers, and establish opportunities to develop and grow professionally through volunteering 
  • How the College could best plan for volunteering – including reviewing and developing policies and procedures, and having the right personnel in place to ensure volunteering can operate smoothly.

This is a project between the College and NCVO and it takes place between January and June 2024. The project is led by Helen Tourle, Senior Volunteering Consultant at NCVO, and Selma Laklai, Head of Membership at RCPCH.

If you have questions on any aspect of this work, please contact Helen (helen.tourle@ncvo.org.uk) or Selma (selma.laklai@rcpch.ac.uk).


Research activities for this project included:

  • Meeting with RCPCH Officers in London on 8 March
  • Speaking with delegates at RCPCH Conference in Birmingham on 26 March
  • Online focus groups
    • For members who volunteer with the College on 25 April
    • For members who do not currently volunteer with the College on 26 April
    • 11:00 to 12:30
    • For College staff who work with volunteers
  • Ensuring the voices of children and young people are present by working with the RCPCH &Us programme
  • Online survey for members who volunteer with the College

Your privacy

Data collected during these research activities will be used by NCVO for the purpose of this project only and will be deleted six months after the project finishes. We are not aiming to collect any personal data in this research, although individuals may be identifiable from the comments they provide.

To find out more about how and why RCPCH and NCVO process your personal data, please read the volunteer research project privacy notice.