Become an examiner for MRCPCH and/or DCH

Medical professionals can apply to become an examiner for MRCPCH (membership exam) and DCH (Diploma of Child Health) clinical examinations. Application for some posts are now open, but we are not recruiting MRCPCH/generic examiners in the UK until early 2019. All examiner elects must complete training and shadowing. Our comprehensive programme helps you reinforce your abilities as an examiner.
UK and other countries where we host our exams

If you would like to apply as an examiner, first please check that we are recruiting - more details for each type of examiner below. You can then complete an application form, including details of three references. 

Our Examiner Review Panel (ERP) will review all applications and contact references before making a decision. If you are selected as an 'examiner elect', you will need to participate in our training and shadowing programme.

MRCPCH / Generic (both MRCPCH and DCH) - UK

We are not currently accept these applicants within the UK. More information to follow soon.

MRCPCH / Generic (both MRCPCH and DCH) - overseas

This opportunity is open to consultant paediatricians in a substantive post based in one of our overseas exam centres.

First, please contact our Exams team or the lead exam organiser/committee for your country/region to check whether it is currently recruiting. Then you can complete and return the form below, including three references.

We will notify the local/lead organiser of MRCPCH/DCH exam activity in your country, and may also inform the Principal Regional Examiner (PRE). Our Examiner Review Panel (ERP) will review all applications and contact references before making a decision, and we will inform you as soon as possible.

Once we approve a Generic examiner elect application, the applicant must apply for RCPCH Fellowship if they do not already hold it.

Training and shadowing

The overseas exam lead in your country will normally confirm the training day.

Before you can act independently as an RCPCH examiner, we will arrange for you to shadow a current, approved examiner on at least one live exam.

DCH-only examiner - UK and overseas

We welcome applications throughout the year from:

  • non-consultant grade and non-principal grade GPs with a background in another specialty allied to paediatrics, and
  • paediatricians whose experience and knowledge makes them suitable to examine for the DCH.

You must hold membership status with a royal medical college. DCH only examiners are not required to be Fellows of the RCPCH.

Please complete a DCH examiner application form, available to download below.

The DCH Board and RCPCH Examinations Executive will review applications. They will contact references before making a decision and inform applicants as soon as possible.

If you are based overseas, the local/lead organiser of DCH exam activity in your country will be notified of all applications for examiners within country. The Principal Regional Examiner (PRE) for your region may also be informed.

Training and shadowing

Our next UK DCH examiner training day will be held at RCPCH London, date tbc. If you are interested in attending please contact us on

The overseas DCH exam lead will confirm training days in their country. 

Our Exams team will arrange for you to shadow a current, approved examiner on at least one live exam - before you can act independently as an RCPCH examiner.

Senior examiner

Applications to RCPCH Senior examiner status are accepted/reviewed between July and September each year, and then at the November Examiner Review Panel (ERP).

Eligibility criteria

  • Have been an active RCPCH examiner for five or more years
  • Examined at least eight times, or on eight occasions, since appointment
  • Evidence of acceptable PERFORCE feedback (if there is evidence of feedback that would suggest further training might be required then the application will not be put forward)
  • Must be in good standing with the RCPCH / GMC (General Medical Council)

Additional considerations taken into account

  • If applicant is the subject of a significant complaint in relation to examinations activity
  • If applicant has received feedback on their ability to complete mark sheet and/or standard setting correctly on more than one occasion 

How to apply

Please complete and return the nomination form, which you can be found at the bottom of this page. Please return to us either by email with the subject heading, 'RCPCH senior examiner nomination' to or by post to the following address:

Clinical Exams Section, Exams Team, RCPCH, 5-11 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8SH

You will need to provide details of two references. We will directly contact your references before the next ERP.

The ERP will make a decision on whether to approve as senior examiner elect and take forward into the training programme, and we will inform you as soon as possible.

Training and shadowing

All senior examiner elects - for both MRCPCH and DCH - are required to attend training.

Senior examiner elects will also be required to shadow a current/approved senior examiner on at least one occasion during a live exam before they can act independently as an RCPCH senior examiner. The Exams Team are responsible for arranging this process.

Code of conduct and other requirements 

All RCPCH examiners are expected to adhere to the principles listed in our Examiner code of conduct. Our Examiner misconduct policy outlines the process for any allegations of examiner misconduct being made. Both documents are available to download below.

For full guidance, please see our page, Requirements and criteria: duties and responsibilities of RCPCH examiners.