Call for nominations for College posts

RCPCH members lead on the College’s mission to ‘transform health through knowledge, innovation and expertise’. Members are invited to nominate themselves for a range of posts on RCPCH committees. We look forward to receiving your nomination.
Closing date


  • Make a contribution to paediatrics and child health at a national or regional level
  • Build skills and learn in areas where you might not otherwise have experience
  • Meet and network with peers
  • Participate in RCPCH strategy and direction

How to apply

Nominees should note the requirement to be in good standing with the RCPCH and the injunction against canvassing in the Election Regulations - you can see more detail in the downloads below.

All current members of any RCPCH committees, including joint standing committees or working parties, as well as RCPCH Examiners and College Tutors, are required to declare interests - please see form below.

Apply by 7 May, 09:30