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We are always working on exciting initiatives to support paediatric career progression and improve care and services. We welcome your ideas for courses, webinars and eLearnings as well as participation on quality assurance.
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As the Education and Professional Development team, we work closely with paediatricians and other child health professionals to deliver quality education programmes. To offer our exciting portfolio of courses, online learning and other educational resources we need your ideas and expertise.

Whether you’re a trainee, a seasoned consultant, recently retired, a member of the College or not, we offer a number of ways for you to get involved. See our current opportunities for contributing to and quality assuring content, or submit an idea for a new programme.

Getting involved in education programmes is an excellent development opportunity that supports your training and CPD. You will:

  • learn more about the College
  • influence the education portfolio 
  • work closely with leading experts in a number of fields
  • be recognised and acknowledged for your contribution.

Quality assure content

An important function of the College is to deliver high quality educational content to its members and other child health professionals. Your involvement in the assurance of both RCPCH and non-RCPCH programmes helps ensure this.

Who can take part?

We need subject experts as well as education experts, whether members or non-members, to review RCPCH and non-RCPCH educational content.

What does this involve?

Quality assurance of educational programmes is essential to ensure that high-quality content and delivery is associated with the RCPCH brand. When reviewing a programme for example, you may be asked consider the following questions:

  • Does the programme appear relevant to the educational needs that have been outlined?
  • Are the learning outcomes clearly stated and addressed?
  • Does the programme appear to be well resourced and managed?

Approval shows that the RCPCH recognises that the education programme meets the RCPCH quality standards and the RCPCH agreed to ‘invest’ in the programme.

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Submit a course, webinar or eLearning idea

We are always pleased to receive suggestions from paediatricians and other child health professionals for potential new educational programmes that we could deliver.

How does it work?

Turning an idea for a new educational programme into a reality is through a simple process:

  • You decide what topics you are interested in developing content or a course about.
  • Think about what format may suit your idea best and submit your idea in our project scoping document.
  • We will get in touch and begin a process of discussion and development which will hopefully turn your idea into a successful educational project.

Ready to submit your idea?

If your idea does not fit within the suggested models or the scoping document, or you are unsure what course format may suit your ideas, send us an email at