Exams - lead on the development of our theory exams as a PRE

We're recruiting Principal Regional Examiners (PRE) for regions across the UK. This vital leadership role supports our MRCPCH theory exams, which test appropriate areas of the curriculum for level 1 paediatric training. You'll facilitate regular and dynamic Question Setting Groups (QSGs) with consultants and trainees, and act as the main contact for theory exams in your region.
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Why apply as a PRE?

  1. Promote child health - Assessment drives learning. All curricula are shaped largely by the assessment process. By writing questions on relevant and important topics that are crucial to the delivery of best care to children you will influence what aspiring paediatricians learn.
  2. Develop your skills as a supervisor, mentor or trainer - Understanding how a question evolves is vital for those of us who are committed to helping our younger trainees. Question writing gives a greater insight into the rationale of the theory exams.
  3. Benefit your College and the specialty - We need your support to promote education in the UK and internationally. A large bank of high quality questions helps us meet this aim.
  4. Have fun! There are always plenty of chances to network and catch up with old friends and younger colleagues from hospitals around your region.

What does it involve?

One of our PREs, Dr Chizo Agwu, explains more:

I held a very successful QSG in West Midlands. The day cost RCPCH nothing as the Deanery picked up the tab (as I scheduled it to coincide with the ST6-8 Training day). All participants underwent the online training prior to attending. The link and relevant paper work were sent out at least three weeks before the day.

We had a table plan with groups of four per table, mixing trainees with consultants. We generated 51 questions, of which 17 are going straight for second approval, 16 for review and 18 not suitable.

These are the key responsibilities:

  • As the main point of contact for RCPCH examinations in your region, disseminate information to members
  • Assist with the generation and refinement of questions for all College theory exams
  • Work with the College to encourage attendance of suitable clinicians at regional question setting meetings

And, the eligibility criteria are:

  • A member of the RCPCH active in clinical practice
  • Substantial experience of the College theory exams and/or medical education and training
  • Experience as a Question Setter/Theory Examiner, with evidence of 80+ hours of exams work in a calendar year

Now recruiting!

If you'd like to discuss the role, contact Sheran in our Quality & Standards team at sheran.mahal@rcpch.ac.uk.

You can find the full role description and a link to our application form on our nominations page. 

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