Help us develop our education and training strategy - new opportunities for members

Can you build our vision for the education, training and assessment of your fellow paediatricians? We're recruiting for some exciting new roles - Officers for Education and for Training & Quality, and members of two boards - and keen to hear from members at different career stages and backgrounds!
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It’s been a privilege to have had the opportunity to support training for today’s trainees and for the paediatricians of the future.

Ashley Reece, Officer for Training

Lead the way - two new Officer posts

We run dozens of courses each year

The Officer for Education will lead on the College’s strategy for education, supporting staff and faculty to deliver, develop and quality assure online and in-person educational opportunities.

You'll help transform our eLearning offer and, with our international leads, consider how best to meet the educational needs of our global members.

If you're interested, see the role description below and apply online (select the Application type, 'Officer').

I have always thought that I was not the right fit or lacked the necessary skills or experiences to commit to a formal role in the college. However I couldn’t have been more wrong! The college needs more people from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to truly represent our member population. The college welcomes new ideas and new influences so please get involved.

Dal Hothi, Officer for Retention

The Officer for Training & Quality will lead on the College’s strategy for training (including quality management of training) and curricula. You'll have overall responsibility for RCPCH Progress+, including the sub-specialty curricula, special interest modules and ACP curricula.

Members work on exam development

You'll work with the VP for Training & Assessment and others to continue to develop our assessment strategy, ensuring it is embedded in our curricula, and support our START assessments. 

You'll also oversee and scrutinise the applications for certification before submission to the GMC, working closely with our Training Services team.

If you're interested, see the role description below and apply online (select Application type, "Officer").

Take forward our work in recruitment, medical education and/or training - two new Boards

I’ve really enjoyed working collaboratively with medical students, all junior doctors, consultants and all at the RCPCH to enable the best recruitment process for our colleagues and clinical leaders of the future.

Simon Broughton, Officer for Recruitment

For our Recruitment & Lifelong Careers Board we're looking for members to help take forward projects and work streams that cover the standards and development for specialist training, sub-specialty, international and Advisory Appointment Committee recruitment; careers campaigning and engagement with foundation and medical schools; and the framework to support sustainable and fulfilling lifelong careers. 

Our Training & Quality Board is responsible for the RCPCH Progress curriculum, including its related guidance and assessments, trainings across sub-specialties and academia, as well as our ePortfolio. It also considers support and advice for paediatric trainees and trainers, and the quality management, review and certification of training. We're looking for members to be part of taking this new Board and its work forward. 

To apply for either of these boards, you'll need to be an RCPCH member in good standing, active in clinical practice and with experience of recruitment, medical education and/or training. We'd love to hear from a diverse range of applicants, so if you're enthusiastic about these areas, do look at the role descriptions below and apply online (select Application type, "Other roles")..

I’ve valued working with a new team who clinicians would not normally meet: the RCPCH staff. It has been, in a way, a second family away from hospital clinical work which has been both a great experience and also educational. Working with such very motivated and enthusiastic trainees has been great.  After all what are we doing this ‘job’ for? It is to provide high quality training for the next generations of paediatricians. I think that we have done so much to help improve training and curriculum that will benefit patients and families. Many paediatricians have very little idea of what happens in our College.  What I have learnt as Officer is that the RCPCH offers so much and is a great team to work with.

Dr Peter Dale, Officer for Training