What's your priority for child health? Share it with us!

The next phase of our State of Child Health campaign launches on Wednesday 23 January, calling on the Government to make child health a priority. We want you to share your top priority for children on Twitter to help make decision makers sit up and listen. Show that #ChildHealthMatters!
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What is this for?

In January 2017 we published our groundbreaking report, State of Child Health – an unprecedented examination of the UK’s child health outcomes. This took a comprehensive look at the current state of child health and highlighted alarming trends, particularly for the most deprived children. We demanded urgent action to improve children’s health.

The next phase of our State of Child Health campaign launches this month with a ‘two years on’ analysis. We are looking at what’s changed since our first report and will be holding events in the Parliaments and Assemblies of all four nations. Although a lot has happened in the last two years, we know that so much more needs to be done.

And we need your help to get our voices heard!

What do I need to do?

Building up to our new 'two years on' launch, we want you to share your priority for child health on social media. Print one of our priority cards below, write down what you think decision makers need to do for child health and pull your best pose! Share your picture on Twitter and be sure to include #ChildHealthMatters to add your voice to our calls for action.

Get your 'priority' card (PDF)

Get your 'child health matters' card (PDF)

You can also get involved by posting a 15-second video of yourself talking about your priority for child health and why it matters to you.

We are using your photos and videos at the launch events in the House of Commons and devolved parliaments and in further promotion online and in our member newsletters. We want to make sure decision makers hear about what matters most to you - so post your photo or video to help get your priorities heard in Parliament!

Follow these simple steps to share the perfect picture!

  1. Download one of our priority cards - you have a choice between 'My priority for child health is...' or 'Child health matters because...'
  2. Print it out - it doesn’t matter if it’s in colour or black ink.
  3. Write in your message. Feel free to be creative! We want to know what really matters to you and what you think should be done about it. You can write in English or Welsh, or another language (though it's helpful to get a translation). It’s up to you how colourful you want your message to be. But, do make sure it's clear to read.
  4. Take a photo! Hold up your priority card and say cheese. You can take a selfie or get someone to take a photo of you – but, whichever you do, take the photo in landscape and make sure you can read your message!
  5. Post your photo on Twitter! Use #ChildHealthMatters in your tweet so you add your voice to our calls for action. If you’re not on Twitter, you can email it to public.affairs@rcpch.ac.uk

Lauren's priority for child health

My priority for child health is... Making the air my child breathes safe!

Colin tells us why he thinks child health matters

Child health matters because it's the basis for a healthy society

If you want to share a video of yourself talking about your priority for child health instead, try to keep it short – no more than 15 seconds – and keep your smart phone in landscape.

Happy snapping!

More about the campaign

Find out more about State of Child Health and our campaign so far. You can also get in touch with public.affairs@rcpch.ac.uk to find out more about how you can get involved.