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As a leader in global child health, the RCPCH works to improve the lives of infants, children and young people around the world. We focus on supporting and strengthening healthcare for children by building knowledge, skills and capabilities of health workers in low-income, resource-poor country settings.

Our approach

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The RCPCH’s global strategy focuses on support to strengthening health systems as a sustainable approach to improving care for children from birth through childhood to adolescence.

Our approach to health system strengthening is founded in our experience of delivering Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment Plus (ETAT+) training, originally in East Africa. But, it extends to a wider range of programmatic interventions supporting enhanced neonatal care, integrated management of childhood illnesses, working with disability and health in adolescence.  

Our principal working model is partnership. The development of our portfolio of country programmes has been and is guided by invitation from local child health leaders (often our Paediatric Association counterparts).

Our projects are designed within and contributory to host government and ministry of health strategy, and we work with a range of bilateral and multilateral donor partners. We work with and through local civil society counterparts, and always in close consultation with the real experts - our clinical colleagues, from consultants to nurse-assistants, and the communities and families they serve.

In the UK, RCPCH consults and collaborates with a wide range of UK Medical Royal Colleges, in particular where collaborative programming can reduce transaction costs for our donors and host governments.

RCPCH Global believes that - beyond aid, beyond individual projects and programmes - what remains behind to make a lasting positive change in the health and life chances of infants, children and young people in countries struggling with economic development or humanitarian crisis, is the strength of a robust, equitable health system providing quality care.

It is towards this that we work.

Our activity in 2015-16


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Our team

Global teamDr Bhanu Williams RCPCH International Officer

Our news and opportunities

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Our governance

The RCPCH Global Board has strategic oversight and serves as a forum for assessment, analysis, critique and review.