Update your details - equal opportunities data

The RCPCH requests that all users with online accounts complete a simple equal opportunities form, available on the Update My Details form. Here's some information about why and how you can provide this protected information.

Why should I provide this information? 

The RCPCH is committed to ensuring equal opportunities across all its activities.

Your data will help us monitor and evaluate this.

What will the College do with my data?

Any personal and sensitive data that you provide will be used solely for equal opportunities monitoring purposes and processed in line with the Data Protection Act.

This information will form part of your record. We will continue to use it for monitoring purposes throughout the duration of your relationship with the College.

  • In the UK - Your data may be shared in an anonymised format with the General Medical Council.
  • Outside the UK - Your data may be shared in an anonymised format with the relevant medical authorities within the countries where RCPCH examinations are held.

If you have any queries or concerns about how your personal data is being used, please contact dataprotection@rcpch.ac.uk.

When can I update this information?

You can do this at any time when signed in to your RCPCH online account.

You may wish to update your details when:

  • you first create your online account
  • you register for examinations, or apply for a specific exam
  • apply for or upgrade your membership

If you need to change any of your data - or if you would like to remove this data from your record - you can edit this when you wish.

How do I update this information?

Sign in to your RCPCH online account - enter your RCPCH number and password

1 Sign in to RCPCH online account

Go to Account in the website header - then to Update My Details tab

Go to Account view

Go to Equal Opportunities section - then complete any or all of the questions as you wish, and click Update

Go to Update My Details - Equal opportunities

What else can I update in my record?

In this form, you can also change:

  • Your details - including a photograph (to change your name, you must contact the College)
  • Work details - current, previous and next job
  • Home details
  • Your interests - select to tailor your member dashboard
  • Contact preferences - opt in and out of College and third party communications

More about updating your details


Queries or concerns about how your personal data is being used - dataprotection@rcpch.ac.uk

Help with completing the form: