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When you have signed in, you can go to Account at the top of the screen. In View My Details, you can see some details we have about you. In Update My Details you can change your contact information for work and home, interests and contact preferences.

On this page:

  1. How do I update my details?
  2. Why are you asking for equal opportunities data?
  3. What happens if I move out of the UK?
  4. How do I update my name?
  5. Other changes
  6. How is my information shared?

How do I update my details?

We encourage all members and other users with an online account to keep their details updated. Sign in to your account. If you don't see your account view (below), go to Account at the top of the screen.

Select Update My Details. You will see a form with six sections.

Update My Details form on online account

  • Your details - Select your title and upload your photo. You can't change your name here - find out how to update your name below.
  • Work details - Add or change details of your current, last and next job, such as your job title, address, email and phone. If you have changed work details, you can type over your current work details. These will be stored as your last job details.
  • Home address - Add or change your address, personal email address and phone/mobile.
  • Your interests - Select your clinical and other interests.
  • Contact preferences - Opt in and out of College and third party communications. These include courses and events and, for members, your eBulletin and daily press cuttings. You can also choose your preferred address and email.
  • Equal opportunities - See below.

Why are you asking for equal opportunities data?

The College commits to ensuring equal opportunities across all our activities. To track this, we ask that all users with online accounts complete an equal opportunities form on Update My Details.

Any personal and sensitive data that you provide will be used solely for equal opportunities monitoring purposes. We will process it in line with the Data Protection Act.

More about equal opportunities data

What happens if I move out of the UK?

Please add your new contact information in Update My Details.

If you have been an ordinary member for one year or more, you may be eligible for a concession on your membership subscriptions - apply for this concession

How do I update my name?

If you have changed your name - for example, due to marriage - you cannot change this on Update My Details. Instead, please contact us:

You will need to send us documentary evidence. This might be a photocopy or scan of your marriage certificate or passport.

If you have already changed your name with the General Medical Council (GMC), you do not need to send evidence. But, please do let us know.

What if I have other changes?

To request any other changes, including fields that you cannot update, please contact us:

How is my information shared?

We list all members in our online member directory. Per our data protection policy, the details include the photo (if provided), name, job title and work details.

As a member, you can sign in and:

  • search for other members by name, hospital or region
  • opt in to list your home contact details - go to Update My Details | Contact preferences
  • send a message to another member to request they join your network
  • if the other member accepts, send private messages to each other.

The directory does not list non-members. It is not available to non-members.

Find a member (You will need to sign in.)


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