Children and Young People's Diabetes Quality Programme

The RCPCH, in partnership with the National Children and Young People's Diabetes Network has created the National CYPD Quality Programme.

To start, it has been suppported by HQIP to assess the feasibility of the programme of self assessment, external verification, peer review and quality improvement for the paeditaric diabetes units in England and Wales. Subject to funding it is anticipated that the programme will begin to rollout during 2018.

This website provides details of the plans and current work in progress. For more details please contact

What's involved? 

There are three strands to the programme:

  • A quality improvement collaborative - supporting multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) to improve and share their processes and develop new models of care to improve outcomes for chilren and young people 
  • A self assessment process - for units to review compliance and benchmark with a set of national standards and best practice. These self assessment returns will be externally verified for use in planning and developing their services.
  • A peer review programme - enabling specially trained members of diabetes teams to vist and learn from each other and build stronger professional teams and networks supporitng improvement in ourcomes for children and young people. 

These programmes are being developed collaboratively with the 11 paediaric diabetes networks in England and Wales. 

Content will be uploaded to this page in the next few weeks.

Self assessment measures published

This document sets out the measures which will be used for the programme of self assessment in 2018. It was distributed to all units via the regional networks in November 2017.  Download the file  (247KB, 40 pages). Contact us if you would like a Word version to begin to plan your responses.

Template documents published

We have put together templates of the three main documents that you wil need to provide evidence for self assessment. We have kept them in Word format so you can use them straightaway. If you have any ideas on how they could be improved, please let us know!

CYPD Operational Policy

CYPD Annual Report 

CYPD Annual Workplan


NEW! - Slideset explaining the programme

A slideset explaining the programme has been distributed by Network Managers to all paedaitric diabetes MDT clincal leads in England and Wales during January 2018. 

Download the slideset in PDF here (PDF 1MB).

Contact us or your network manager if you would like a PowerPoint version for local use.

NEW! - Recruiting peer reviewers

We are holding an induction event for individuals who are interested in participating in the programme as peer reviewers.

The first event is on 21 March 2018 in Bristol. Application forms and role descriptions are available from your network manager or contact us for more information.

Future events are planned for 22 May in Leeds and 10 July in London. 

Contact us

For more information or if you have any questions we'd be delighted to hear from you!

Please contact or call Sue Eardley on 020 7092 6091.