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Talk to us, we can help you to improve your paediatric serviceWe support healthcare organisations, commissioners and clinical teams to resolve concerns aboutpaediatric service provision, safety, training, compliance with standards, and proposals for paediatric reconfiguration or service design.


Our service is confidential, established and influential, and tailored to each organisation's needs.


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About our service

We work towards sustainable services with improved outcomes for children and young people and compliant, effective working arrangements for clinicians.

We help employers, commissioners, managers and clinicians design these services and work better together to harness the expertise within the whole service. We do this with expert clincal reviewers and our in-depth knowledge of standards and service models across the nation. 

We offer an independent, confidential opinion where concerns have arisen about an individual paediatrician or a paediatric service. 

We advise on approaches to safety, reconfiguration, service design and workforce planning, and support our members towards increased influence and strategic thinking, linking to our clincal leaders programme, quality improvement initiatives and other sources of expertise and advice.

We tailor each review to best meet the requirements and composition of the organisation involved, and the 71 reviews we've completed to date include community, neonatal, acute and specialist paedaitric services, each one with bespoke terms of reference and personalised approach. 

Examples where we have made a difference (PDF)

What we offer

  • Centrally managed liaison and communication
  • Consistent approach, but tailored to the individual situation
  • At least two experienced and specialist reviewers who can provide assurance, perspective and breadth of knowledge
  • Clear timescales for report delivery 
  • Quality assurance and endorsement by the RCPCH
  • Formal involvement of experienced clinicians from nursing, obstetrics, emergency medicine, etc if needed
  • Links to extensive data, information, expertise and advice held uniquely by the RCPCH, including policy and specialist clinical comment
  • All-inclusive single costing covers fees, expenses and administration 
  • Professional communications and media team as needed.

For more information, see our Full guide (PDF)

Or, share this with our colleagues - leaflet  (PDF)

Get in touch

We welcome enquiries from healthcare organisations (usually the Clinical Lead, Medical Director or Chief Executive), and can informally discuss in confidence how we may be able to help.

We also invite experienced consultant paediatricians to contact us about joining our panel of reviewers.

Sue Eardley, Head of Invited Reviews - | 020 7092 6091

Offer your expertise

We welcome applications from experienced consultant (or equivalent) paediatricians to join our panel of reviewers. 

Benefits to reviewers include:

  • Access to free training, review and professional development
  • Backup of professional communications team and legal support should media/political handling be required
  • Swift payment of fees and reimbursement of expenses
  • Indemnity and support for reviewers where cases are sensitive
  • Supporting the RCPCH in its development and ‘reach’
  • Administration, negotiation, QA and document control handled centrally
  • Clear procedures and templates to focus review and reporting
  • Data collection, briefings and specialist advice provided by RCPCH support team enabling best use of onsite time
  • Compliance with confidentiality and data management regulations

For more information about the skills we are looking for please send your contact details, in confidence, to and we’ll be in touch.

Evaluating the impact of our service

Between Spring 2012, and August 2016 we undertook over 60 reviews of acute, community, neonatal, emergency and individual unit activity. Our evaluation shows overwhelmingly positive feedback and clear evidence of action planning and change.

Our key recommendations include:

  • Involve children, young people and families in the design and operation of services - you can use RCPCH's &Us team
  • Engage clinicians and ensure leadership in the development of new ways of working
  • Manage communications to prevent misinformation and unnecessary anxiety
  • Ensure adequate network support for changes to services

Our evaluation report describes how the service has developed over the last four years and some of the common themes which we have helped services to adddress. It gives recommendations for future service design, workforce planning and support to our members and paediatrics in general.

Invited Reviews evaluation report (PDF)

For more information, contact us on or 020 7092 6091

Past reviews

Most of our reviews are confidential, but some involve wider, public conversations with patients and their representatives, or are published by Trusts through Board papers. We have included some of them heres.

University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust - Autumn 2016

UHNM asked the RCPCH to lead an independent review of the Children's Emergency Services in Staffordshire to help shape the delivery of safe high quality emergency care for children in the future.  The summary report can be found on the UHNM website.

Hospital services for children in Lothian - Spring 2016 and revisit in Summer 2017

Neonatal services in north Wales - 2013

Women's and children’s services in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire - 2015