Facing the Future: Audit

We make a commitment to auditing our standards in order to capture compliance of the standards across the UK and to build a comprehensive picture of paediatric provision across the four nations. Our audits seek to draw out the intended and unintended impact of standards whilst collecting and sharing practice examples where standards are being met particularly well.

FtF6.gifFacing the Future Audit 2017

We are now auditing the Standards for Acute General Paediatric Services 2015 and the Together for Child Health standards. Invitations to participate in the 2017 audit have been sent to clinical directors and leads acorss the UK.

The deadline to complete the audit is 10 July 2017. If you are a paediatric clinical director or lead who has not yet been informed of the invitation, please contact the project team at facingthefuture@rcpch.ac.uk or speak with the project officer by telephone on 0207 092 6166.






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An audit of acute paediatric service standards in the UK 2013

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Key findings:

Over three quarters (77%) of children see a paediatrician on middle or consultant grade rotas within four hours of admission - just under a quarter do not.

88% of children or young people admitted to a paediatric department with an acute medical problem are seen by a consultant paediatrician (or equicalent) within the first 24 hours.

There is a disparity between care delivered during the day - just 11% (26% of self reported peak times) had a presence during the evening. During peak times at weekends consultant presence was just 6% (20% at self reported peak times).

Immediate telephone advice is not always available across some specialties and arrangements are often informal. There is a shortfall of staff across all rotas when measured against the Facing the Future standards.


Get involved and other support

We are constantly seeking to collect new and interesting examples where standards are being met well. We want to share examples with our members, service planners and commissioners to ensure they have the tools and resources needed to deliver services that are built around infants, children and young people. Submit your examples or get in touch with the Policy Lead via facingthefuture@rcpch.ac.uk.

The RCPCH Invited Reviews services support healthcare organisations, commissioners and clinical teams to resolve concerns about paediatric service provision and compliance with standards. For an informal, confidential conversation with the Head of Invited Reviews, contact Sue Eardley at invited.reviews@rcpch.ac.uk or on 0207 092 6091.