Facing the Future: Service standards

Facing the Future provides a vision of how paediatric care can be delivered to provide a safe and sustainable, high-quality service that meets the health needs of every child and young person.

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The third document in the Facing the Future suite of standards will apply to infants, children and young people with on-going health needs and will look to reduce un-necessary appointments and hospital admissions by ensuring appropriate clinical review is made the first time the child is seen. The standards aim to increase the efficiency of healthcare services and improve communication between primary care and child health services.

For more information or to speak with the Policy Lead please contact facingthefuture@rcpch.ac.uk or call 0207 092 6095.





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Together for Child Health: Standards for the unscheduled care pathway

Facing the Future: Together for Child Health is a set of standards, developed jointly by the RCPCH, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).

It builds on the Facing the Future: Standards for Acute General Paediatric Services, expanding them to acute care outside the hospital. The standards apply across the unscheduled care pathway and aim to improve health care and outcomes for children and young people with acute illness.

Download Together for Child Health 2015 (PDF, 698KB)

Look to the implementing standards page for resource, guidance and implications of the standards to the workforce.







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Standards for Acute General Paediatrics

These standards apply to children who are admitted to the acute paediatric setting. The report sets out ten standards for high quality, safe and sustainable acute general paediatric services. It is essential that paediatrics is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week specialty; with the most experienced doctors present at the busiest times.

The RCPCH believes that these standards will bring a level of consistency to what is currently quite a variable pattern of practice. The intention is to ensure that every child is seen in a timely manner by a suitably experienced doctor.

Download Standards for Acute General Paediatric Services 2015 (PDF, 948KB)

Look to the implementing standards page for resource, guidance and implications of the standards to the workforce.