High Dependency Care

High Dependency Care for Children: Time to move on contains a number of recommendations which it is hoped will result in improved delivery of safe, high-quality critical care outside of PICU.

Children’s health experts are calling  for a new three-tier hierarchy system of critical care, enhanced staff training and a more consistent funding model to bridge the gap between critical care delivered to children in children’s wards and high dependency units and that delivered in intensive care.


HDC cover 2014.jpgThe report emphasises the vitally important role of an effective Paediatric Critical Care Operational Delivery Network in delivering this objective, and recommends the establishment of Level 2 Critical Care units in a limited number of regional hospitals as well as tertiary paediatric centres. At the centre of the recommendations is the child and their family and the goal to provide them with the best care as close to their home as possible. This document is intended for clinical staff who care for critically ill children, for their managers who have a responsibility to ensure that a safe, high-quality service is delivered, and for those who are involved in the commissioning of paediatric services.

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High Dependency Care for Children: Time to move on (PDF, 1848KB, 50 Pages)   

High Dependency Care for Children: Time to move on appendices  (PDF, 4887KB, 119 Pages)


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