Previous workforce censuses

The RCPCH (as the British Paediatric Association) undertook its first census of the paediatric workforce in 1986, and has completed a biennial census since 1999. These reports give an opportunity to see changes in the paediatric workforce through 2011.


Workforce census

Executive Summary Full Report
Workforce Census 2015 The State of Child Health: The Paediatric Workforce Workforce census 2016 cover_0.png
Workforce Census 2013 2013 Executive Summary

Census 2013 cover page.png

Workforce Census 2011 2011 Executive Summary 2011.jpg
Individual Census 2011 2011 Executive Summary - Individual Census 2011 IC.jpg
Workforce Census 2009   2009.jpg
Workforce Census 2007: Developing the Workforce for Children 2007 Executive Summary 2007.jpg
Workforce Census 2005: A Changing Workforce 2005 Executive Summary 2005.jpg
Workforce Census 2003: Supporting Services for Children 2003 Executive Summary 2003.jpg
Workforce Census 2001: Providing a Service for Children 2001 Executive Summary 2001.jpg
Workforce Census 1999: A Basis of Future Planning   1999.jpg