Workforce census 2017

RCPCH's 2017 workforce census highlights the structure of all paediatric services and acts as a measure against current standards and guidance.

Submitting data

Data collection for the RCPCH workforce census commenced in October 2017.

We are sending invitations to to submit data to Clinical Directors and Leads in all organisations in the UK providing paediatric medical services. This will enable them to log on to online system and reset their their password.

Go to the 2017 Workforce Census submission tool

User guidance

This can be found in the Census 2017 User Guidance document (PDF, 39KB). 

Additional help also exists by clicking on question marks next to individual questions throughout the system. Clinical Directors, Leads and other users can also contact the Workforce team for further assistance.

All data entered should be as at 30 September 2017.

Census deadlines

We are setting an initial deadline for submission of data of Wednesday 28th February before we begin to send out regular reminders. We understand that for many services (particularly at specialist centres) the data collection process may be quite lengthy and we would welcome further discussions with you to facilitate completing the census. Please call for help or further guidance.

It is expected that findings from the 2017 census will be available in the latter half of 2018.

What data do we collect?

The RCPCH undertook its first workforce data collection exercise in 1986 and has been running a paediatric workforce census in its current form every two years since 1999.

We collect data in the following areas:

  • The paediatric workforce – workforce numbers, vacancies, types of paediatric post, workforce characteristics, contracts and job planning
  • Child health services in the UK – service configuration, acute services, lead roles, safeguarding, and subspecialty services.

Detailed question set for 2017 (PDF, 224KB).

How we are collecting data

Data is collected via the RCPCH Net Solving data collection system. These are the features of this new system.

  • All data can be accessed via a central proforma by selecting one of eight tabs containing the different areas of information relating to your service.
  • You will be able to move onto different questions and tabs even when required data has not been entered; answers to required questions, however, will be needed in order to submit the final return for your organisation.
  • Lead users will be able to assign colleagues in their organisation to enter data by adding their name and email.
  • A flexible system of question sensitive help exists and users can add comments throughout the system.
  • There is a colour-coded key for you to track progress on each section of the census.   

Data protection and privacy

For more information about the data we collect, how we share the data your rights to access and how long we hold the information, we have compiled two privacy notices, one for clinical directors and leads and one for the other doctor we collect data about in the census.

Privacy Notice (Clinical Directors and Leads) (PDF, 28KB)

Privacy Notice (Doctors) (PDF, 27KB)

Why are we collecting the data?

We use the information gathered to:

  • Provide members and other stakeholders, including the public, with a unique view of the growth and trends in the UK paediatric workforce.
  • Provide members and others with data that can be used to benchmark and improve standards at local, regional and national levels.
  • Provide valuable data for developing the RCPCH workforce planning strategy. Inform the development of service standards and workforce guidance, such as those for short stay paediatric assessment units (SSPAUs), paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition services and community child health services.

Read Dr Simon Clark’s blog on What do we do with all the data?

Read Why is the RCPCH workforce census important? (PDF, 298KB)

Previous censuses

Findings from 2015 and previous workforce censuses.

See also, the short reports focusing on the 2015 census data from Scotland and Wales.

Contact details

Should you have any questions regarding the workforce census, please contact the Workforce team via email at, or by calling one of the team:

0207 092 6163 (Wingsan)

0207 092 6156 (Marie)

0207 092 6162 (Martin)