Community child health

Community Child Health (CCH) is the largest paediatric subspecialty focussing on the care of vulnerable children and families, children with long-term conditions and child public health. Our resources support workforce planning.

RCPCH and BACCH (British Association for Community Child Health) have developed a set of resources to support workforce planning for community paediatric services, launched on 7 September 2017.

The State of Child Health: Community paediatric workforce

This document summarises the project outputs and its principal findings and conclusions. It also provides a number of recommendations about workforce numbers and service planning.

Download the State of Child Health: Community paediatric workforce (PDF, 437 KB)

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Covering all bases

This is the main report of the project. It includes an overview, key findings a framework for service planning and links to guidance and standards for the components of community child health service.

Download Covering all bases (PDF, 1.6MB)

UK survey of community child health services 2016: results

The report of the findings of the survey of UK survey community child health services which was undertaken as part of the project.

Download UK survey of community child health services 2016: Results (PDF, 

882 KB)i

Innovative practice

The innovative practice section of the CCH website presents a range of good practice examples submitted via the national call for evidence and the UK survey of CCH services.

Download the Online directory of innovative practice models or pathways (PDF, 483 KB)

Workforce calculators

A simple and a detailed calculator have been designed for community paediatricians and service planners to calculate the community paediatric consultant and SAS doctor workforce for their service to meet demand and national guidance.   

Download the Workforce Calculator (Excel, 749 KB)

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