Allergy care pathways for children - information for health professionals

Our care pathways for children with allergic conditions tell health professionals what they need to know in order to provide the best care possible. Access the pathways, as well as implementation resources, including educational presentation, videos, a tool for clinical history, patient survey and audit tools.

Allergy care pathways

Methodology documents can be downloaded from the condition-specific pages.

Educational sessions

The key to the implementation phase of the pathways is improving knowledge across all services - the Project Board recommends a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional network approach. In order to achieve this, we have produced a PowerPoint presentation that you can use to introduce your colleagues to the RCPCH allergy care pathways.

Additionally there is an impact measurement survey available for download:

Educational videos

RCPCH have a series of educational videos for allergy care on the RCPCH channel on YouTube. You can also view them directly.

Allergy focused clinical history

In developing the care pathways, the working groups consistently recommended the importance of taking a good clinical history that had an allergy focus. As a result the Project Board decided that a set of questions would be developed to facilitate taking an allergy focused clinical history. A Delphi consensus was conducted to develop the document.

Taking an allergy focused clinical history (PDF, 60KB, 14 pages) 
Delphi consensus results (PDF, 54KB, 7 pages)

Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM)

The Department of Health white paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS highlighted that the ‘patient experience’ is an important area of patient care. This report suggests that patient experience should be to be measured to ensure that the experiences of the patient, and not just clinical outcomes, are taken into account when assessing the overall quality of care received. 

This tool, developed in partnership with the Picker Institute, allows services to measure the patient experience for children who have allergic conditions.  It is in the form of a two survey instruments and is available for free download from this website. 

The first instrument should be completed by parents/carers of children who are under the age of eight: Parent/Carer Allergy PREM (PDF, 288KB)

The second instrument young person PREM has two sections: section one, to be completed by the young person over the age of eight and section two, to be completed by their parent or carer: Young Person Allergy PREM (PDF, 396KB)

Picker Institute Europe own copyright of the Paediatric Allergy PREMs. They can be used by eligible organisations in England free of charge under licence agreement with the Picker Institute. Please contact to request further information. 

Audit Criteria

With the support of the Project Board each working group developed a set of audit criteria. 

Set of audit criteria (PDF, 66KB, 16 pages)

RCPCH e-learning on clincal audit