Get involved and participate in clinical guideline development

Get involved in developing the content of clinical guidelines and quality standards before being asked to implement them. The College is invited to comment on draft guidance documents developed by NICE, SIGN and other organisations. 

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Our three key activities

The work of the Clinical Standards Team is overseen by the Quality Improvement Committee. There are three main activities within the Clinical Standards Core Team.

  • The College produces their own clinical guidelines and standards based on the RCPCH guideline development process accredited by NICE since 2009.
  • The College supports other external organisations on the development of standards to ensure they are produced to the highest standards and to ensure methodological criteria are met to grant RCPCH endorsement.
  • The College is also a registered stakeholder with other organisations in order to ensure paediatric involvement at different stages of guideline development. 

Join our consultation panel

We invite College members to join our consultation panel. We will email you to request comment on draft documents during the development of clinical guidelines and standards, including scopes, full guidelines and appraisals of medicines, or to attend meetings on behalf of the College. 

Apply to the panel

Current and forthcoming consultations

Join a Guideline Development Group (GDG) or working group

We will inform consultation panel members of opportunities to chair or join a GDG and influence the decisions that affect clinical practice.

Read our leaflet about GDG Chair and Member responsibilities (PDF, 254KB, 3 pages).

If you need help finding any guidelines produced or endorsed by RCPCH please email the Clinical Standards Team or call 020 7092 6171.

For more information on why you should get involved, please read a paediatric trainee experience. (PDF, 60.97 KB, 1 page)

Represent the College at Guideline development meetings

We will invite consultation panel members to nominate themselves as College representative at scoping workshops and meetings during the development of clinical guidelines or standards.

For more information or to nominate yourself, please email the Clinical Standards Team.

If you have attended a meeting on behalf of the College, please complete a feedback form (MS Word, 64KB).

Nominations for College posts

RCPCH members lead on the College’s mission to ‘transform health through knowledge, innovation and expertise’. Members are invited to nominate themselves for a range of College posts on Council and Committees. We look forward to receiving your nomination.

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