Ebola crisis – resources for paediatricians

This page collates official information and guidance about Ebola, which we hope will be useful for you, your colleagues, patients and families.

We are aware that paediatricians in the UK may face questions from concerned patients and their families, be looking for guidance on preparing for Ebola in the UK or be interested in providing direct support in Africa. 

On this page:

General information on Ebola for doctors and patients

  • The following Q&A sheet (PDF) from Public Health England covers a range of questions on risk, UK preparedness, screening and symptoms
  • The World Health Organisation website has a range of factsheets and information on Ebola, including protective measures for the general public and for healthcare staff.
  • The Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England have produced an Ebola factsheet (PDF) with information about the virus, symptoms, infection and treatment.

Risk in the UK

The first of the Chief Medical Officers videos on Ebola was released on 13 November, reiterating the low risk of Ebola to the UK.

Catching Ebola

  • Public Health England’s director of global health, Brian McCloskey, provides a short question and answer on catching Ebola.
  • Public Health England produced an infographic (GIF), which may be useful for explaining to patients the risk of catching Ebola. You can also download a printable version (PDF, 400KB).


Preparing for Ebola in the UK

Guidance on managing patients

Providing direct support in Africa

The second of the CMO’s videos on Ebola was released on 21 November, discussing the UK’s contribution to the international efforts in West Africa.