Public health

Public health is a priority for the College; good health is central to a child's wellbeing and the bedrock for good health in later life. 

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Mental health and wellbeing

Recognising the importance of the mental health agenda, we have a number of work streams focused on improving core skills for healthcare professionals.

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Our Nutrition page provides information on breastfeeding and infant milks, including resources for clinicians and health professionals.

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Growth charts

The College has produced a complete suite of charts for all uses ranging from child health surveillance to detailed monitoring of children with health problems.

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Our obesity page will update members, the health profession, parents and carers on the progress of the RCPCH objective to detect, treat, manage – and ultimately prevent – obesity.

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Vitamin D

There are many different recommendations for the prevention, detection and treatment of Vitamin D deficiency in the UK, click the link below to view the practical guide laid out for paediatricians and their teams.

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Personal Child Health Record

The personal child health record (also known as the PCHR or 'red book') is a national standard health and development record given to parents/carers at a child's birth.

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