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Frequently asked questions about the UK-WHO growth charts.

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How are the new growth charts different?

Previous UK growth charts were based on data from studies on breast and formula fed children, so did not reflect normal weight fluctuations of breast fed children in the first few weeks.

The new charts are based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) Child Growth Standards, which describe the optimal growth for healthy, breast fed children.

The charts include clear instructions on how to measure, plot and interpret the chart. The features include an adult height predictor, a BMI (Body Mass Index) converter and guidance on gestational age correction.

Factsheet - how are the new growth charts different? (PDF, 497KB, 2 pages) 

When are the growth charts used?

The UK-WHO growth charts should be used for all new births and referrals in England from May 2009 and in Scotland from January 2010.

The existing UK90 growth charts can continue to be used for children born before these dates and for children over the age of four.

Factsheet - what are growth charts? (PDF, 235KB, 1 page) 

How do I use the growth charts correctly?

We have produced a suite of educational materials, including presentations and videos, for both healthcare professionals and parents/carers - find out more.

How can I find high-resolution images of the growth charts?

If you wish to download high-resolution copies of the growth charts, please email

Where can I order hard copies of the growth charts?

The College does not send hard copies. These can be ordered via  

Where can I order electronic copies of the growth charts?

Please contact for details on electronic growth charts

Where can I download the source data for the growth charts?

If you would like the data, please contact the Medical Research Council

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