Get involved - Epilepsy Passport

Find out how you can get involved with the work of the Epilepsy Passport.

Children, young people, parents and carers

If you have any questions about the Epilepsy Passport such as how to use the Epilepsy Passport, where to get a copy of the Epilepsy Passport or the wallets, who you can share the Epilepsy Passport with, etc. please contact us.

We would very much like your feedback on how we can make the Epilepsy Passport better for you – so please get in touch to let us know how you have found using the Epilepsy Passport and if there is anything you think would help make it easier to use.

Healthcare professionals

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the Epilepsy Passport, or ideas on how we can promote this resource, please contact us.

You can also get in touch for more information about the Epilepsy Passport or for copies of flyers and promotional material to use in clinics, schools and offices.

Hospitals, charities and child health organisations

To help inform clinicians and families about the Epilepsy Passport, please consider adding a link to the Epilepsy Passport on your website.

Promotional material

Help us promote the Epilepsy Passport in clinics, schools and offices using the flyer and poster, available to download below:

Contact us

Get in touch with us with any questions, feedback or to request further information via our online form.