NNAP Online

NNAP Online’ is an innovative platform that displays the audit results on data from 2016-2014 through presentational methods at a local, regoinal and national level. Allowing the neonatal community to be able to view and compare the results of NNAP analysis in a more accessible and useful manner. 

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Access NNAP Online

NNAP Online allows users to:

  • view an overall annual summary report for a chosen neonatal network or neonatal unit for 2016 to 2014 data
  • view and compare the results for specific NNAP audit measures for different units or networks
  • easily identify network and unit results via the interactive caterpillar and outlier plots.

The NNAP project board hopes that NNAP Online will further enhance the ability of the audit to encourage the sharing of best practice and to stimulate quality improvement activities for the benefit of babies and their parents.