Data submission for 2017-18

Dataset information, important dates and news regarding your data submission for the 2017-18 NPDA audit.

 Data submission for 2017-18 has now opened.

Please follow this link to access the data capture system. Any users of the 2015/16 data capture system can use their existing login information.

Data can now be added continuously throughout the audit cycle, with summary results presented within the data completeness report (DCR) generated upon each submission. Units will have two months following the end of the audit cycle (31 March) to finalise their submissions for the preceding audit year.

Please follow the links below for guidance on registration, data submission, and reviewing data entered.

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Data capture system user guides

Submission resources

This document contains details of the core NPDA dataset collected since 1 April 2017, and replaces the dataset in use since 2012-13. The dataset has been revised following publication of new guidance issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NG18) in 2015. The majority of data items remain unchanged, with a number of new items and some items having been amended in light of the new guidance.

NPDA Dataset  2017-18 (PDF, 244 KB)

As the dataset has changed, so has the CSV submission template for the 2017-18 submission. For all CSV submissions for the 2017-18 submission, this new template will be required.  

CSV Submission Template (CSV, 2KB) - please ensure that the format of your data matches the format specified in this dataset document (e.g. dates must be in the format DD/MM/YYYY and not DD-MM-YYYY or any other variation) and the column headings row must be retained.

PZ Numbers for the 2017-18 Submission (EXCEL, 16 KB) for each unit.

We ask that units submit data from all patient visits during the audit period (01/04/2017- 31/03/2018). Data relating to all children and young people with all types of diabetes under the care of a paediatrician within a paediatric diabetes unit should be included.

Other resources

NPDA clinic poster (PDF, 500 KB) - please display this poster within your units to publicise the audit to children and young people using your service and their families, to help ensure that they know how their data is being used.

Which centres are eligible to participate?

All paediatric diabetes units in England and Wales.

For further information:

Please contact the NPDA helpdesk: