NPDA Results Online

NPDA Results Online is a new innovation for 2017. It has been developed in response to consultations with the paediatric diabetes community which highlighted the desire to be able to view and compare the results of NPDA unit level summary in a more accessible and useful manner.


Access NPDA Results Online

'NPDA Results Online' allows users to:

  • View and download an annual summary report for a paediatric unit for 2014/15 or 2015/16 by selecting 'Annual Reports' in the far-left menu of the tool and after a unit and year has been chosen, selecting 'Download all data below to PDF'
  • View and compare the results for specific NPDA audit measures by selecting 'Unit Data', 'CCG/LHB Data' or 'Network Data' in the far-left menu of the tool and selecing 'Chart Type' within each section to view bar, column or caterpillar charts
  • Download any individual chart or funnel plot by selecting the icon in the bottom-left corner of each chart 
  • View and compare unit, region and network data via interactive funnel plots by selecting 'Annual Reports and 'Outlier Data' in the far-left menu of the tool and by hovering over the selected funnel plots

The NPDA project board hopes that NPDA Results Online will further enhance the ability of the audit to encourage the sharing of best practice and to stimulate quality improvement activities for the benefit of patients and their parents and carers.

You are able to download a basic user-guide here (PDF, 2.27MB)