BPSU - How it works

Each month an electronic reporting card with a list of conditions is sent to over 3,300 doctors to report any cases seen for the current projects of the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU).

How it worksBPSU reporting system flowchart

  • An electronic reporting card ('Orange Card') with a list of conditions is sent each month to over 3,300 consultant paediatricians and other specialists.
  • Clinicians return the card notifiying the BPSU of any cases seen or "nothing to report".
  • Clinicians are asked to keep a record of patients reported.
  • Reporting clinicians are contacted by study investigators with a short follow-up questionnaire.
  • Investigators inform the BPSU if the case report fits the case definition.

Who receives reporting cards?

The BPSU aims to send reporting cards to all:

  • consultant paediatricians
  • associate specialist paediatricians (with their own case load)


  • undertaking clinical work in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

Sign up for reporting cards

If you think you should be receiving cards and are currently not, please sign up.

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