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Principles and practical tips in our webinar

Our webinar in May 2017 looks at the principles of participation and engagement, practical tips to consider when engaging with children and young people and exploration of the Charter.

For young people and parents

Find studies that you or your child might find of interest or get involved in at UK Clinical Trials Gateway

Nuffield Council on Bioethics has a number of resources:

For trainee paediatricians, nurses, consultants and SAS doctors

Training in research for benefit of children (PDF) - RCPCH

Patient and public involvement - guidance for researchers (PDF) - British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) 

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Setting up studies - Clinical Research Network

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme

Ethical Research Involving Children

Children and clinical research e-learning - Global Health Training Centre

How to set up a journal club - London Links

Good Clinical Practice research training - National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Clinical Trials Toolkit - NIHR

Involving CYP in research - top tips and essential key issues for researchers - NIHR

Involving patients and citizens - National Voices

Research with children: methodological issues and innovative technique - Queen’s University Belfast

Funding opportunities - Research Councils UK

Research support

The College helps our members develop, deliver and disseminate research programmes. Find out more

Engaging children, young people and their families in research

British Youth Council

The Council for Disabled Children

International Children’s Advisory Network

Research Councils UK: Engaging young people in cutting edge research 

National Children’s Bureau: Guidelines for research with children and young people 

Nuffield Council on Bioethics: 

Participation Works: How to involve children and young people in research

RCPCH: Not just a phase (PDF)

Save the Children toolkits: So you want to involve children in research (PDF)

Involving children and young people in the selection of staff (PDF)

Children and Participation: Research, monitoring and evaluation with children and young people (PDF)

Involving children and young people in decision making in research

Generation R have examples of how to gain consent (PDF)

Global Research in Paediatrics have a guide to starting up a Young Person’s Advisory Panel

National Children’s Bureau have created Young People in Research: How to involve us (PDF)

NHS England and the British Youth Council have created a bitesize guide to setting up a youth forum in health services across England (PDF)

North West Leicestershire District Council: Guide to involving children and young people (PDF)

Supporting and communicating with children and young people 

Disability Matters has a range of free e-learning resources for professionals to support understanding disability and communication with disabled children and young people

Healthtalkonline offers personal stories of health and illness to enable patients, families and health-care professionals to benefit from the experiences of others 

NHS England Youth Forum has create a range of resources about rights in healthcare including an easy read leaflet that talks about consent and confidentiality

National Institute for Health Research:

Ethics and data confidentiality

European Commission: Ethical considerations for clinical trials on medicinal conducted with the paediatric population (PDF)

Great Ormond Street Hospital: Advice and guidance on getting ethical approval  from a Research Ethics Committee

Medical Research Council: Ethics guide - medical research involving children (PDF)

Useful e-learning modules

National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement has several resources for working with young people

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children: Research with children - ethics, safety and avoiding harm

NHS Digital: Information governance

Research Ethics Guidance: Information for the four nations

Other resources you may find useful

BANNAR report: Summary of good practice when involving young people in health-related research (PDF)

Bate, J et al. (2016). Public and patient involvement in paediatric research, Arch Dis Educ Pract Ed, 0, 1-4

Decipher is focused on promoting health in schools and other youth settings

European Patients' Academy has information to support understanding in medical trials

Generation R have information about young people improving health through research

Market Research Society: Guidelines for research with children and young people (PDF)

National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement: Resources for working with young people

National Institute for Health Research:

INVOLVE supports active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research

National Youth Agency provides information about the Young Researchers Network

Nuffield Council on Bioethics provides a variety of information on children and clinical research

Open University's children’s research centre evaluates how children and young people can benefit from designing, implementing and sharing findings from research

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund:

RCPCH: Research guidance

Young Minds: Putting articipation into practice (PDF

For more from RCPCH

For more information about research please contact the RCPCH Research and Evaluation Team at

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