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Contribute to paediatric research by taking part in research surveys and becoming a member of research groups.

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Research: enagaging children and young people

Trials Engagement in Children and Adolescents- TRECA

TRECA has developed MMI’s to cater to the needs of children and adolescents with long-term health conditions and their parents.  They would like to recruit UK trials that are able to do an embedded trial (aka ‘trial within a trial’) on the participants. The participants will be randomly allocated to receive the MMI plus the PIS, or the MMI alone, or the PIS alone.

To get involved please email or contact:

  • Dr Jackie Martin-Kerry, TRECA Study Manager on 01904 321826
  • Dr Peter Knapp, Chief Investigator, TRECA Study on 01904 321675
  • Dr Rebecca Sheridan, TRECA Research Fellow on 01904 321079 

FITNET-NHS Trial of online (home) treatment for teenagers with CFS/ME

A new NIHR-funded trial for teenagers (aged 11-17) has been launched. Young patients with CFS/ME can now get specialist treatment  if they do not have access to a local specialist CFS/ME service. Participants will be randomised to either activity management using video-conferencing  or CBT delivered using the internet.

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Surveying knowledge, practice and attitudes toward intervention fidelity within trials of complex healthcare interventions

Explores the knowledge, practice and attitudes that researchers, practitioners and others with experience of clinical trials have toward intervention fidelity in trials of complex interventions in healthcare. This is to inform future research and training needs in relation to intervention fidelity practices.

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Neonatal research -The COIN (Core Outcomes in Neonatology)

The COIN project is looking at which outcomes of neonatal care are the most important to parents of neonatal care babies, patients who had neonatal care, healthcare professionals and researchers. The project wants to hear about your experience of neonatal care

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Healthcare professionals advising service users on leading healthier lives - University of Manchester

A short survey has been developed to gather views from healthcare professionals on their experiences of advising service users about living healthier lives as part of day-to-day practice.There is also the option for a follow-up telephone interview to discuss the topic in more detail. Contributing to the study will help the research team to better understand how best to helping professionals deliver health information to service users. 

For more information, please contact Dr Chris Keyworth on

Management of adolescents aged 16 to 18 within a paediatric setting

Healthcare professionals involved in the hospital-based care of adolescents are invited to complete the following 2 minute survey
For more information please contact Dr Poonamallee Govindaraj on

Psychological support for paediatricians involved in child protection – Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board

This 5-minute survey aims to gather views from UK paediatricians on their experiences of psychological support provided in their roles safeguarding children.
Respondents will answer questions around the support that is currently available, along with the opportunity to provide suggestions for additional support should be made available to individuals and teams involved in safeguarding.
Questions on the survey should be directed to Dr Michelle Richardson

Improving Service Provision for Children with Genetic Conditions study - Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences at Cardiff University

This study seeks to explore the experiences and opinions of service users and providers for rare genetic conditions affecting childhood neurodevelopment and learning ability. This includes interviewing community paediatricians caring for children with these conditions to gather views on the strengths and weaknesses of these services. Interviews will be conducted by a member of the study team and can be conducted via telephone, Skype or face-to-face, whichever is most suitable. The total length of participant time required will be 1 hour.  

Invitation to participate (PDF 104KB) from Andrew Cuthbert, Research Genetic Counsellor 

Information Sheet (PDF 146KB) providing details of the study and what participation will entail.

Questions on the study should be directed to Andrew Cuthbert (

Smoking Cessation: Survey of Child Health Clinicians' Knowledge, Beliefs and Current Practice 

The King's College Hospital Paediatric Respiratory Service is currently undertaking work to improve the efficacy of approaches to smoking and second-hand smoke exposure in young people. As part of this, a survey has been developed to explore the knowledge, beliefs and current practice of child health clinicians in the UK.

The survey takes under 15 minutes to complete and respondents are welcome to circulate among non-respiratory colleagues. Questions around the survey should be directed to Dr Meredith Robertson

Supporting parents after a reproductive loss from a multiple pregnancy - Newcastle University

A team of clinicians and academics based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne have developed a survey on professional practice around supporting parents who have suffered a bereavement from a multiple pregnancy. Health professionals working in this area are invited to share current practice by completing the survey
Each participating unit will receive a free pack including guidelines produced to support health professionals, a set of 10-15 PowerPoint slides that can be used for teaching and a few butterfly stickers that can be placed on or next to the cot of surviving babies from multiple pregnancies where one baby has died. Those wishing to receive the pack can either provide their details at the end of the survey or email Louise Hayes on to request a pack. 

Gastroschisis outcome sets - Next stage in Evidence-based paediatric surgical Treatment Strategies (NETS)

NETS is developing core outcome sets for gastroschisis and needs doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, parents and patients to help by completing three online questionnaires over the next 6 months.

The expertise shared will ultimately assist in improving the quality of research and help improve outcomes in gastroschisis.

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Actions following adverse clinical incidents in transplantation

The University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, in collaboration with Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, is conducting a web-based questionnaire study looking at actions taken following clinical adverse incidents in transplantation, in different hospitals. Your participation in this survey, which should take about 10 minutes, would be appreciated.

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