Children and young people's participation and advocacy resources

How can children and young people take the lead in health matters? Access our guidance, tools and reports to help you get started. You can also print or order posters and postcards for your hospital, clinic or school.

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#voicematters (PDF, 431 KB) - Find out more about the children and young people's engagement team at RCPCH and their offer for children, young people and families plus support for organisations and workers!

RCPCH Guidance: Involving voice in committees (PDF. 454 KB) - Do you sit on an RCPCH committee, chair one or would like to think more about how to involve children and young people in committees? This booklet has examples, checklists and useful tips following a review in 2017 of committee engagement.

State of Child Health &Us: Views from the RCPCH &Us network (PDF, 2.26 MB) - In 2017, children, young people and family members took part in sessions, challenge days, projects, consultations and events focused on key topics within our flagship State of Child Health report. Here's what they had to say.

Cyflwr Iechyd Plant: Adborth gen rhwydwaith RCPCH &Ni: llais plant, pobl ifanc a theuluoedd (PDF, 635 KB) (Welsh language version)


Voice and choice action pack (PDF, 980 KB) - full of fantastic resources for clinicians and health care professionals, including 21 ideas on to how to find out what children and young people think about their experience or services in an interactive and creative way, this pack was produced by the ICYP (Infant, Children, Young People) Engagement Committee, with help from young people from Central Bedfordshire Council in February

21 top tips (PDF, 426 KB) - over 400 children, young people and family members tell us what makes the best doctor or health worker

Poverty and children's health (PDF, 351 KB) - take part in our first digital challenge created with young people to increase your understanding and knowledge about how poverty affects children's health - it's ideal for young people aged 12-25

Download Recipes for EngagementRecipes for engagement - practical tools

#voicematters to the RCPCH and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find out what children and young people using your services think. Using a culinary theme, these easy-to-read guides look at how to practically and creatively engage children and young people 

Recipes for engagement booklet (revised August 2016) (PDF, 1 MB)

Recipes for engagement booklet, 2nd edition (revised May 2017) (PDF, 1 MB)

How to write an engagement plan (PDF, 293 KB) - a quick guide to help start your thinking  

Young people's products

Doctor's pocketbook for talking to patients about mental health (PDF, 190 KB) - designed by Papia, RCPCH summer intern, age 17, developed this quick guide based on our research with young people 

Chatterbox game on 5 ways of healthy wellbeing (PDF, 134 KB) - designed by Papia, RCPCH summer intern, age 17 - print and fold this sheet based on the classic children's game to start the conversation about mental health

Emoji card game (PDF, 313KB) -  designed by Amina, RCPCH summer intern 2017, age 17, who wanted to create a product to help children and young people express their feelings.This game will enable a young person to pick the cards that best represent how they are feeling, prompt them to discuss the topic and find out more information. 

Superhero - children's rights

Children and young people have the right to be involved in their healthcare, and to be treated by the right people, at the right time, in the right place! We describe this in our Facing the Future standards.

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State of Child Health &Us (PDF, 3.51 MB) - Summary report of what children and young people in the UK think of the State of Child Health

What do children think of hidden sugars in our food? (PDF, 13.7 MB) Christopher Hatton primary school participated in our Takeover challenge in November as part of the Archive Explored programme. Take a look at what they told us!

Involving children and young people in health services (2012) (PDF, 988 KB) - our challenging report explores how we ensure the views and experiences of children and young people are at the heart of the NHS reforms

Not just a phase (2010) (PDF, 2.2 MB) - practically demonstrates for paediatricians, senior children's nurses and clinical leaders how to create a a culture of participation within the delivery of quality child health services. You can also buy print copies

Promotional materials

Postcards for your events, trainings and workshops. If you'd like hard copies, email Emma or Hana on

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