You can be a superhero

As a child or young person, you don't need superpowers! You have the rights to be involved in decisions about your care. And, to be treated by the right people, at the right time, in the right place. It's all in our Facing the Future standards. Why don't you play our game, tell others about your rights or book a workshop?

Match your rights

Try our game to pair up your rights with images. When you've had a go, tell your friends. Show your doctor or nurse - they may want to share with their colleagues!

#RCPCH17 Superhero Game

Communicate your rights

Download our Facing the Future superhero poster (PDF, 455 KB) - you may like to ask your doctor to display in the hospital or clinic

Use our guides to run your own micro-workshops: one is on talking about Facing the Future and rights (PDF) and the other about understanding children and young people’s needs and the best way to work with them (PDF).

You can also use the Recipes for Engagement tools with lots more games and activities to support discussion on rights and engagement.

Book a workshop

Would you like to book an engagement workshop for children and young people? Or, a training workshop for health care staff?

Sessions cover children’s rights and the Facing the Future principles, and support groups to identify current strengths and areas for development. They last between 1 and 2 hours, are fully interactive and can be tailored to any age or additional need.

For more information, contact Emma or Hana in our RCPCH & Us Team on 

Read the standards

Our Facing the Future suite sets out key standards to deliver safe, sustainable and high quality care for infants, children and young people.

There are three sets of standards:

We want to know whether these standards are being used, and if hospitals have the right resources. We're running another audit soon. For more information, contact our Health Policy Team on