Child poverty - what we want to see

The impacts of poverty on children’s health are being felt on the frontline, and things appear to be getting worse. We work with a range of organisations to put pressure on decision makers to reduce the number of children in poverty.

We want to see:

  • The restoration of binding national targets to reduce child poverty, backed by a national child poverty strategy
  • The adoption of a 'child health in all policies' approach to decision making and policy development, with Her Majesty's Treasury disclosing information about the impact of the Chancellor's annual budget statement on child poverty and inequality
  • The reversal of public health cuts to ensure universal early years services, including health visiting and school nursing, are prioritised and supported financially, with additional targeted help for children and families experiencing poverty
  • The reversal of cuts to universal credit which will leave the majority of families claiming this benefit worse off

Read our joint report with the Child Poverty Action Group, Poverty and Child Health: Views from the frontline based on a survey of paediatricians giving their experience of treating patients living in poverty.