UK General Election 2019

The upcoming election is an important opportunity to advocate for children, young people, and the paediatricians and child health workers who care for them. Our policy calls include a sustainable workforce, supporting healthier environments and lifestyles and commitments to delivering high quality NHS services. 
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We make the case for the next UK government to invest in our workforce, put child health at the heart of policy making and implement health improvement programmes in every community.
We are politically neutral and therefore not partial to any political party. But we pay close attention to the policy commitments related to the NHS and child health made in each manifesto.
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It’s vital that we do not support or oppose any political party, either directly or tacitly. We explain our work and the legal framework we are operating in, and constraints on political activity.

Views from College leaders

“The stakes for the paediatric workforce – and the children and young people we represent – have rarely been higher.” RCPCH President Russell Viner explains that this election gives us an opportunity to push for urgent action. 

Health and social care is devolved in the UK, and nations have different approaches. Our Officers for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland explain what this election means across the UK.

We use expert-agreed standards to determine how many consultant paediatricians the UK needs to deliver safe and quality care.

We estimate that we need an additional 856 whole time equivalent consultants.

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