Kindness: the many positive effects

There are many positive effects that occur when being kind to yourself, your colleagues and those around you. This page houses some inspiring resources that explore this topic.

Kindness is our superpower - a blog by Anna Baverstock 

Dr Anna Baverstock looks at the importance of being kind to each other and how we can all benefit from building connections and growing compassion. "The ripple effect from these very small acts of kindness can be so much larger than any of us realise."

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My mental garden maintenance - a blog by Jo Hacking
Dr Jo Hacking

Dr Jo Hacking looks back at her career in paediatric emergency medicine and offers her top three tips for self care. "What we need to realise is that self-care in itself is a compassionate act. Kindness is not just something we give out to others. We deserve to receive it too, but from ourselves first of all."

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Kindness is an action - a tweet thread by Anna Baverstock