For senior fellows and members, and honorary fellows

The RCPCH has over 800 Senior Fellows and Members, who are retired from paediatric practice, as well as Honorary Fellows, who have demonstrated sustained acheivements in paediatrics or have contributed to the science or practice of paediatrics. The College hosts events each year especially for this group of members.

Your RCPCH representative

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Dr Kevin Windebank is the RCPCH Representative for Senior Fellows, Senior Members and Honorary Fellows.

Dr Kevin Windebank served on Council as Officer For Examinations. He was the Chair of Communications Scenarios of the Question Board. In 2017 he was elected to Honorary Fellowship.

Dr Windebank's message

"As I begin my period of office I would like to thank my predecessor, Professor Andrew Wilkinson, for his excellent work. We should be particularly grateful to him for ensuring a place on Council for the Senior Fellows and Members and Honorary Fellows Representative during the extensive College restructuring exercise.

Whilst many fellows are retiring in their early sixties we still have much to offer the College, in terms of experience, wisdom and, most importantly, time and enthusiasm. Harnessing our potential and giving senior members the opportunity to continue to contribute in a meaningful way will enhance the many activities of the College.

During my time as Officer for Exams, I initiated a newsletter for examiners detailing College strategies and providing a channel for them to feed back to Exams Executive and ultimately Council. Using the list of Senior Members I would like to establish a Senior Fellows' forum and discussion group where members could keep up to date with developments and where appropriate offer their time and skills to the College. I would also use this forum to collect material for the College under the guidance of our archivists. This could include not only photographs but memorabilia of meetings and conferences.

I am looking forward to working with you."

If you have questions or comments please contact Dr Windebank

  • Email:
  • Post: Dr K Windebank, Calder Cottage, St Helens Lane, Corbridge, Northumberland. NE45 5JD


The President hosts two events annually for this group of members - an opportunity for you to get involved with the work of the College, socialise and meet friends. There is no cost to attend. 

These two events include the Senior Fellows and Members being invited to a session at each Annual Conference. The day's attendance is free, and includes a reception and sit-down lunch, preceded this year by a session from the History group.

In recent years we have had excellent presentations from Martin Bax and Lewis Rosenbloom, Robert Boyd and Harvey Marcovich. 

We also host an Autumn meeting for Senior Fellows and Members - the location of which changes each year.

Invitations for each of these event will be sent either via post or email to all Senior Members and Fellows at the relevant time.


For more information about any of these events, please contact the Events team on