SAS doctors - support in education and training

The College supports its members who are staff, associate specialist and specialty (SAS) doctors in training and continuing professional development.

What do we provide?

What is the role of the RCPCH SAS regional representatives?

These individuals are SAS doctors elected to represent SAS views on their local RCPCH Regional Committee.

Contact your SAS regional representative for information on training or CPD. As needed, your representative can seek expert advice from the SAS Committee or the local RCPCH Regional Committee.

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Appraisal process

Appraisal is not an RCPCH process, but a Trust-based one.

Appraisals are done against national standards and for SAS doctors they should be worked out with the supervising Consultants.

RCPCH Regional Training Advisers can counsel SAS doctors on appraisal aspects.

What can you do if you feel you are denied recognition for your work role?

The RCPCH cannot intervene in these cases, and recommend that such cases be taken up with a trade union, such as the British Medical Association.