Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctor (SAS) Committee members

The RCPCH committee for SAS doctors represents the specific needs of SAS doctors practicing in paediatrics, both College members and non-members, to improve recognition of their contribution to paediatrics and to identify oportunities for continuing professional development, support and progression.

The Chair of the committee sits on College Council.


SAS Committee Chair and
SAS Representative on Council

Dr Simon Clark

College Workforce Officer - Ex Officio

Ms Sarah Fellows

Education and Professional Development Lead

Dr Prakash Kalambettu

Committee Member (

Dr Lisa Kauffmann

College Treasurer - Ex Officio

Dr Andrew Long 

Vice President, Education

Dr Ian Maconochie 

College Registrar - Ex Officio

Mr John O'Keeffe

Assistant Director for Education and Training

Dr Yinka Oluwole 

BACCH Representative

Mrs Julia O'Sullivan 

Director of Education and Training

Ms Saskia Ottignon 

College Membership Section Supervisor

Ms Heather Clark

Committee Administrator

Committee Member

SAS Regional Representatives

 As detailed on the SAS Regional Representatives page

For more information

Please contact Heather Clark, Committee Administrator, on

If you would like to apply for vacant Committee posts, check the Nominations page