Membership bye-laws and regulations

The membership bye-laws and regulations govern the way that members are elected and admitted.

Bye-laws and regulations

The RCPCH Membership Committee and Council regularly review these to ensure compliance with current legislation and best practice.

The membership must approve all changes to the bye-laws and regulations through an Annual General Meeting. The Privy Council further approves changes to the bye-laws.

Membership bye-laws (PDF, 2.68 MB)

Membership regulations (PDF, 381 KB)

Fees and subscriptions (PDF, 5 KB) - outline the procedures for setting membership subscriptions

Termination and suspension of membership (PDF, 7 KB) outline the termination of membership due to failure to pay the membership subscription, misconduct or through voluntary resignation

Declaration of interests

All College members who serve on Council, any standing committees, joint standing committees or working parties, or as Examiners or College Tutors, are required to declare interests.

Declaration of interests form (PDF, 559 KB)

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